Neutral Pop

Photographer // Georgia Arnell-Smith

Top : Vintage
Denim Shirt : Target
Shorts : Topshop
Shoes : Rubi
Watch : Marc Jacobs
Sunnies : Country Road

Hi, hey, waddup!

 I hope your having a fabbbbulous day!

Todays look of choice is this super cool and quirky outfit.

Now you're probably thinking how much did she spend? 

Well. The price of this look came to the whopping total of $23. 

Shoes - $10
Shorts - $13
Top - Vintage (From Grandma :P)
Denim Shirt - I have no clue, my mummmmy bought it for me.. when I was 10.. lol..

I know right, amazing? Bargains are everywhere you just need to take your time and look!
And also never throw anything away. Example A - the denim shirt. I am the eldest child in my family so that meant I got the new clothes. - Ha! Suck it George! - So when ten year old me is let loose in the kids section at Target, obviously I'm going to go for the denim dress with pink belt. Duh?

Over the years it has been passed down through to my two younger sisters and while I was looking through their wardrobes, as I do quite a lot, I happen to of stumbled upon the old antique. So obviously I had to try it on and by some miracle, it fit. The only explanation is that I must have mutant arms. #avengershereicome #woo

So there you go the story of the denim shirt / jacket / dress.


Hello lovely people, hows your week going? 
Study and work have been pretty hectic, as well as social thangs. Who knew you could have too much social interaction? I'm an introvert at heart so I'm the one at the party who will quite happily sit on the side and just listen to everyone else. But hey, all quite people have a bit of a wild side and if I must say so myself I know how to tear it up on the d-floor.

In my last post you would have seen that i got sent a awesome top (read it here!) from online store St. Frock. They also sent me this cute little dress! I must admit when i first got it i wasn't too sure but once I put it on and styled it up it became a great little outfit! Being a shift dress it doesn't have any body so to make it a little less baggy i added a belt for some shape.
To dress up the look add a denim jacket or tie it around your waste and add some high top connies for some laid back chic! 

This look is super easy to re-create so give it a try at home!